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nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger

Established a year ago in California, the nonda company is focused on developing high-quality smart devices and connected mobile applications. We can see that the company has so far turned three products into reality with Indiegogo / Kickstarter support, which are ZUS Smart Car Charger, ZUS Kevlar cable and MacBook 12 special connection adapter. We were the guest for the review of the ZUS Smart Car Charger. At the end of last year, 273 thousand dollars received support, 2528 percent of the target budget multiplied
The product was interested. Featured criteria:

High current capacity which allows charging at high speed
4.8A output with dual USB ports (2.4A each)
USB ports that can be plugged in two ways
Intelligent car positioning system
Elegant lines with 2016 iF Design Award
Bluetooth LE connectivity and ZUS iOS 7.1+ / Android 4.3+ app
12-24V DC input compatibility
ElegantShine lighting system
Remote monitoring of car battery status
Titanium plating and quality in US Military standards (MIL-STD 810G)
84 x 36 x 18.2 mm size, 28 grams weight


The in-car charger adapter, which comes in a simple box with a transparent front, looks plain.


When you open the box, there is a simple guide to use and a description of the application.

Black color is dominant at the end of the ZUS charger adapter mat type plastic material is preferred. We found the design modern. There are three small white LEDs on the top and it lights steadily when bluetooth is connected, blinking when blinking. The mild white LEDs inside the USB ports make it easy to find in the dark. There is no direction in the USB ports.



The ZUS application has Android and iOS versions. We downloaded and installed the Android version. When we switched on, the phone wanted to activate the Bluetooth feature. When you allow it, it automatically finds the ZUS ZUS charger and matches.

As you can see, the battery status is shown as good and the range is indicated if voltage fluctuation is present.


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