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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PC Review

codiCall of Duty, the first name that comes to mind when Activision is called, continues to be interested and interested in us since 2003. The first episodes of this series focused on the Second World War, followed by the Modern Warfare episodes about modern times and the Black Ops episodes focusing on Vietnam. After the Ghosts and Advanced Warfare episodes were presented to keep the players from getting bored, they were offered the Call of Duty: Infinite Ware, a special focus on the thirteenth episode of the year and focused on the future. The Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games, who took over the game on the bench, became Infinity Ward.


As expected, Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One versions outside of Windows entered distribution on November 4, 2016. Season Pass areas will have access to four new multiplayer maps and zombie content that will be available over the next year, as well as other digital plug-ins such as credit and charity packages. Aral Game is ready for those who want to supply it in disc form. In the meantime, you can not play with the players in Steam even if you can get the version in Windows 10 Store cheaper!


In the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare section, we have to stop and avoid the SDF (Settlement Defender Front), which poses a threat to the Solar System. By selecting Captain Nick Reyes, the SCAR member, you can maintain the classic understanding of FPS games. We have to get used to the gravitational environment during the staging scenes outside the world. One of them is to be able to visit other planets, space stations and space stones. One of the first-class pilots, Captain Reyes, is switching to the fighting that sometimes takes place while walking in free-form air through a deformable space vehicle called Jackal.


Players can follow progress and complete main or secondary missions thanks to the management center called Retribution. Visual enhancements and special updates to Jackal are available as tasks are completed. The computer that Reyes carries on his sleeve gives him the ability to hack both communications and other systems and robots. Players who choose YOLO mode (only live once) can get a much more challenging experience because in this case the health level is not recovered without the Nano vaccination, progress in case of injury becomes difficult and the last record can not be recovered. It is obviously an option that appeals to hardcore players. At the beginning of the SDF, there is Admiral Kotch, played by Kit Harington, known as Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow.


Of course, as in the previous games in the cool, it takes about seven hours to entertain the multi-player mode from the part of the story. This time, the movement system based on flowing movements, player-focused maps, deep customization, intense gaming experience are foregrounded. The class chosen during the fight plays a decisive role in the gaming experience. Different classes have different weapons, equipment, play styles and abilities. There are countless options, including very powerful weapons that suit the future. With the addition of prototype class weapons, diversity is increasing. In addition to the multiplayer mode, there is a co-op style zombie mode, which means that there is an amusement park in the 80’s for entertainment parks.


In today’s AAA games, the graphics quality has exceeded a certain level, and the high detail images in this game do not come as a surprise. Although it does not try the best game in visual sense, it looks great. Effects, character and weapon models, animations are extremely good. Those with good PC hardware can get values above 100 FPS. We learned that the consoles go between 50-60 FPS. On the other hand, voiceover, effects, weapon sounds and music are first class. The last part of COD in an array-like environment like BSG can lead some players to Battlefield 1 ranks while gaining some players liking. If you are just thinking about multi-player, you may feel less attracted, but you still have to accept that it is a successful game.


Developer: Infinity Ward
Publishers: Activision
Platform: PC, Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One

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