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Boeing’s Self Destructing Phone is Ready!

Boeing, one of the most important companies in the aviation industry, decided to produce a smartphone by signing a decision that we could consider to be a big surprise for many people. It is not surprising that a company we usually familiar with aircraft models is going to make a smart phone, this phone model, the Boeing Black, will have a very interesting feature like self-destruction. Design work begins in 2014, and Black will automatically remove its internal components to protect the high-precision data it contains when it detects a dangerous situation.

For the device that is now in the test phase, Boeing has probably chosen the right person to experience all these interesting stages. Michael Rogers, the head of the US National Security Agency (NSA), will be one of the first people to test Boeing Black. Rogers, who has to deal with the most confidential documents every day for his job, is one of the most suitable candidates for Black to test.

The fact that the firm starts to test the device in everyday life means that the date of the device’s move to the market is also very close. When connected to a security network called Top Secret JWICS (Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System), the device behaves like a virtual machine, so it performs data protection far more effectively than a software destruction key.

When the device meets a risky situation, it cleans all data and software from the device and makes it unusable. On the other hand, it is similar to the Galaxy Note 7, but of course if this is the case, if consciously a burning situation really happens, we can say that the devices that we remember from the Mission Impossible films are physically destructive.

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